Throneless is a software development and engineering consultancy that has a special focus on projects related to social justice. Our areas of expertise currently include:

  • Custom network servers and protocols.
  • Wireless network engineering.
  • Mesh networks.
  • Secure systems operation and architecture.
  • Containerization and microservices.
  • Embedded Linux systems.

who we are

Throneless is just getting started building a cooperative of like-minded technologists and developers!

Josh King, Founder

Josh King is a largely self-taught developer, activist, and hacker with a focus on social justice. Over more than a decade, he has worked on a number of projects around the areas of community technology and internet freedom.

Currently, Josh works as member and co-founder of both Throneless Tech and the Technology Action Project, developing software that assists vulnerable communities in protecting their communications. Previously, Josh was Lead Technologist at New America’s Open Technology Institute, where he co-founded Commotion Wireless, a project to develop a toolkit of software, documentation, and training materials to help communities build their own infrastructure. Commotion has been used to deploy community wireless networks in over 20 locations around the world, and has contributed to the development and funding of numerous other open-source software projects. Josh continues to serve as lead developer of Commotion. While at OTI, he also supported operations at Measurement Lab, a global research platform for studying the internet, developed tools for research into community broadband access in Philadelphia and Detroit under the BTOP program, and contributed to the fight for Net Neutrality.

Josh has been involved in the larger community wireless and mesh networking community since 2005, having worked on the Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) and helped to organize the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks. He is on the board of the Acorn Active Media Foundation and is a fellow at the X-Lab.