about us

Throneless Tech is a technology worker-cooperative based in Washington, DC. Throneless specializes in building technology for social justice oriented community organizations, activist groups, and non-profits.

Throneless cooperators are activists and organizers who’ve done work on a variety of issues, including reproductive justice. We care as deeply about building responsible, accessible software and websites as we do about the issues and causes we’re building for.

who we are

Rae Gaines (pronouns: just Rae)

Rae is a full-stack web developer and activist. With a background in video production and audio engineering, Rae brings a multimedia perspective into Rae’s software engineering. Rae specializes in back-end software infrastructure, including Content Management Systems integration. Rae codes and organizes with, and facilitates for, local organizers in Washington, DC in the spheres of reproductive rights, gender parity, and racial justice.

Josh King (pronouns: he/him)

Josh has over a decade of experience in software development, software architecture, network engineering, and systems administration for social justice. He develops community-oriented technology and secure communication platforms to enable the work of organizers, activists, and journalists globally.